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Hello and welcome to FilterFlow*. FilterFlow is a dedicated resource that supports all Franke filtration and boiling water products - from registration of all new FilterFlow systems to supplying replacement parts for first generation Franke Triflow filter tap systems.

Today, enjoying filtered drinking water and more recently, boiling water directly from a kitchen tap is considered the ideal. In fact, modern taps are now considered appliances in their own right. 

However, 25 years ago, when a tap was just a tap, the notion of a 3-in-1 design that would allow filtered water to be dispensed alongside hot and cold water was a pioneering concept. But Greg Rowe, together with business partner, Bob Perrin, persevered and patented 'Triflow'.

From the beginning, Franke recognised the design brilliance and immense practical appeal of a tap that could not only dispense normal hot and cold flows of water, but also, filtered water. The first generation of Franke Triflow kitchen taps was launched in 1993 and the product quickly became a must-have for discerning consumers wishing to combine health, convenience and product superiority.

Having set the industry benchmark for integrated filtration, the product range was expanded with the addition of the popular Franke Mini taps, the Franke TriSpray range and the Little Butler - a mini filtered and boiling water tap that would pave the way for the latest generation of FilterFlow tap appliance products.

Today, FilterFlow is still challenging the boundaries of tap design and functionality, The award-winning OMNI 4-in-1 - designed and multi-patented by Greg Rowe Limited and the winner of a prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2016 - is the first mechanical kitchen tap to dispense, hot, cold, filtered cold and filtered boiling water.  Manufactured in the UK to an exacting specification and precision engineered from stainless steel, it has elevated tap design and performance to a higher level of sophistication.

FilterFlow has become a byword for the very best in kitchen tap technology. To us, innovation is simply what we do and after 25 years at the forefront of original tap design and manufacturing, we are proud to be regarded by both consumers and the kitchen industry alike as pioneers of multi-functional kitchen tap appliances. 

If you would like to talk to someone about your FilterFlow tap or system, please call us on 01603 875468. Alternatively, email info@frankefilterflow.co.uk

Quick answers to many frequently asked quetsions about Franke** filtered water and boiling water tap products can also be found in our Support section.




 *FilterFlow is a trading name of Greg Rowe Limited.  **The 'Franke' logo and trademark is used with the permission of Franke UK.


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