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Franke 01

Franke 01

Previously known as the Franke Hi-Flow Matrix PB1 or Franke TF1609PB


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The Franke 01 cartridge is an excellent alternative to the Franke  02 cartridge when improved water flow is a priority. 

The Franke 01 uses advanced filtration technology to promote a higher flow rate of water while still offering sub-micron filtration. The pre-filter wrap and  internal core of extruded carbon block are effective against  a wide range of contaminants - with particular focus upon chemicals and heavy metals, including chlorine and lead.

Your Franke 01 should be replaced every 6 months.

Is the Franke 01 exactly the same as the Franke Hi-Flow Matrix PB1 and Franke TF1609PB filter cartridges?

Yes, the Franke 01 does exactly the same job. Only the reference number has changed due to the re-structuring of our filtration business  

What will the Franke 01 cartridge remove?

Chemicals and heavy metals, including chlorine and lead.

How often should I be changing my Franke 01 cartridge?

We recommend that Franke 01 cartridges are changed every 6 months.  Please bear in mind, however, that the period between cartridge replacements is not guaranteed.  Everyone's water is different and in areas with a higher level of turbidity (dirt, sediment etc.) it is possible that more frequent cartridge changes will be required.

My kettle seems to be constantly full of limescale and we often notice a filmy substance on the top of tea and coffee, too.  Is it possible to switch to a filter cartridge that will stop this?

Yes and no!  50% of UK households are in hard water areas - but the actual hardness of water still varies dramatically from home to home.  Franke standard filter cartridges do not tackle hard water because as a product that is intended to deliver healthy, great-tasting drinking water, calcium and magnesium (the causes of limescale) are regarded as essential! 

However, we do recognise that - whilst harmless - the aesthetic appearance of scum on hot drinks is not desirable.  As such, you might wish to try switching to a Franke 05 filter cartridge.  The Franke 05 combines granular activated carbon with a de-alk resin to tackle chemicals such as chlorine and heavy metals e.g. lead and it works to reduce the residues of limescale.

The flow of my filtered water seems to becoming slower and slower - what could be the problem?

With a Franke 01 cartridge, an increasingly slow flow is an indication that the exterior of the cartridge has become blocked with contaminants.  The Franke 01 cartridge is not cleanable and a new cartridge will need to be installed. 

I think I can see miniscule black specks in my filtered water - what are they?

You should have no need for concern - especially if you have recently changed your filter cartridge.  The black specks are tiny, harmless particles of carbon that are residues from the manufacturing process.  Flush them through by allowing your tap's filtered flow of water to run for a few minutes until they disappear.

How do I change my Franke 01 cartridge?

Changing your Franke 01 cartridge is a simple, swift procedure.  Simply click 'Download Installation Guide' for more details.

What should I do with used filter cartridges?

You can dispose of old cartridges in your normal household waste.  Alternatively, we welcome the return of spent cartridges so that we can recycle them responsibly.  Please allow used cartridges to dry naturally before returning them to us in your new cartridge's packaging.

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