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Franke 07

Franke 07

Replacement cartridge for the Minerva Kettle
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The Franke 07 (FRF07) is the water conditioning cartridge for use with the Minerva 3 in 1 Kettle tap. It is important, particularly in hard water areas, to change the cartridge every 6 months as advised to prevent limescale forming and protect the boiler.

What will the Franke 07 cartridge do?

The Franke 07 will remove chlorine and reduce the build up of limescale in the hot water tank.

How often should I be changing my Franke 07 cartridge?

We recommend that the Franke 07 cartridge is changed every 6 months. Failure to change the cartridge maintain regular cartridge replacements, especially for those in hard water areas, will affect the performance of boiler and even stop it working completely

How do I change my Franke 07 cartridge?

Changing your Franke 07 cartridge is a simple, swift procedure.  Simply click 'Download Installation Guide' for more details.

What should I do with my used filter cartridges?

You can dispose of old cartridges in your normal household waste. With the exception of the plastic parts the filter cartridge materials are bio-degradable. Alternatively, we welcome the return of spent cartridges so that we can recycle or dispose of the them responsibly.  Please allow used cartridges to dry before returning them to us in your new cartridge's packaging.

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